Kagy Family

Whether you spell it Kaga, Kagy, Kagay, Kagey, Keagy, Keagey, Kagie, Cagey, it is said that the original spelling of the name is Kagi and is of Swiss origin and has been in existance for over 400 years.  According to one Jacob Kagi, of Ruppen, in Canton Zurich, Switzerland, the name originated as follows:  "Many, many years ago a Mr. Kaller fell in love with and married a Miss Gibler.  Their union was blessed with a son.  From some cause or other, after a time they disagreed and finally separated, and the lady became so bitter toward her husband that she would not allow her child to bear his father's name.  The matter was finally decided in the courts, and the decision was, that the child should bear a name composed of two letters from the father's name, Ka(ller), and the two first letters from the mother's, Gi(bler); so the name Kagi, as it is yet written in Switzerland, was started."
From the book "A History or the Kagy relationship in America, from 1715 to 1900" by Franklin Kaegy (9-30-1837 to 3-9-1910).

Looking into your family history, ancestry or geneology, you run across many family surnames.  I do not remember ever hearing anyone talk about the surname Kagy.  We are looking through hundreds of old family pictures and trying to put a name to each one, but for some reason that isn't enough.  I want to know who these people really were.  I found a picture of Lovina Kagy Saul.  She is my great, great, great-grandmother and was married to Edward Saul, parents of Mariah Theresa Saul Weisenauer.  Mariah was the mother of my great-grandfather, Ed (John Edward) Weisenauer who I did know.  The Sauls and Weisenauers are familiar names to me, but not Kagy.

Lovina Kagy Saul and Edward Saul were both born and raised in Ohio.  They had 10 children.  He had come to Howard County, Indiana with his brother, Abraham, and purchased government land.  However, after Edward returned to Ohio, his health began to fail and he never returned to Indiana.  According to my great-grandfather:  "that left Grandmother Saul with nine children and 240 acres of land in Indiana to care for.  So Uncle John, a strapling young teenager (her second child and son), said he would go out to Indiana and take care of the land, build himself a log cabin, and begin clearing the trees and brush.  He did this and never returned to Ohio again."

It seems that Crawford County, Seneca County and Fairfield County in Ohio are the counties that the Sauls, Weisenauers and Kagys settled into.  I found a map of Bloom Twp land plots with owner names and saw that Kagys owned quite a bit of land, but most important, I discovered that Kagy was a Swiss name.  I was ecstatic - finally, something besides German.  Not that I dislike being German, but just would like a little variety in the bloodlines.  And Swiss, no less - don't hear too many people say they are Swiss.
As with most families, it appears that there are certain names that families fall in love with and every son and daughter has to have a child with a certain name.  Seems that the Kagy's favorite name is Rudolph.  It really makes it hard to trace the line with so many Rudolphs.  I purchased the book by Franklin Kaegy, "A History or the Kagy relationship in America, from 1715 to 1900" that was published in 1899.  It is a reproduction reprint and very nice.  It is a fascinating read with so many interesting stories and pictures in addition to the lineage.  Franklin Kaegy seemed to be a very humble, gentle and kind man.  It took him 23 years to put the information together and is beautifully written.

The Kagis along with other Swiss Mennonites emigrated to America so they could be free to practice their religion.  A group of Swiss Mennonites contracted an agreement with the Honorable Proprietor, William Penn, at London, for lands to be taken up in his new colony.  A Swiss company was organized to emigrate to America and settle in the wilderness.  A group of pioneers arrived in America and settled in what was known as the Swiss Settlement and known today as the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania.  This was in 1710.  In the year 1715, the settlement was increased by the arrival of others from the old country including Hans Kagy, the first Kagy to come to America.  Hans Kagy's full name was John Rudolph Kagy and he was unmarried at the time of his arrival.  There were six emigrations of Kagys to this country that are discussed in the book, "A History or the Kagy relationship in America, from 1715 to 1900" by Franklin Kaegy.

The Second Emigration was December 11, 1739 on the ship 'Lydia' and James Allen as the commander from London.  Of the 75 passengers, Johannes Kagie was one of them.

The Third Emigration occurred October 27, 1764.  The ship's name was 'Hero' and was commandered by Captain Ralph Forster with 500 passengers including Rudolph Kagy.  This Rudolph Kagy is the ancestor of Lovina Kagy Saul.

The Fourth Emigration was around the year 1818 and included a Simon Kegey, his son, John B and a brother of Simon.  The father and mother both died at sea.  The boy, John B Kegey, was taken by the captain to his home in Pennsylvania, but the uncle remained in New York.

The Fifth Emigration occurred in May, 1854 when one Hans Jacob Kagi came to America by way of Bremen to New York on the ship 'Robert'.  Hans Jacob Kagi was born in May, 1816.  He married Anna Marie Bollinger in June , 1839.  Anna Marie Bollinger was born 12-13-1818 in Switzerland.  They had 4 children with 1 child dying at birth.  When Hans set sail for America, he left behind his wife and children.  Five years later, the wife and children came to America to join Hans.  They left Switzerland 9-29-1859 by way of Havre to New Orleans on a ship (sail vessel) named the 'Cumberland' arriving 11-19-1859.  They proceeded up the Mississippi river to St. Louis, Mo where they met up with Hans Jacob and went onto Highland, IL.

There was a Sixth Emigration of the Kagy name that occurred in 1893.  Henry Kagy came from Switzerland and located at Ouray, CO.

The Kagy Family Tree (starting with the Third Emigration of 1764).  

Rudolph Kagy m. Frances Barglebaugh b. in Germany in Pennsylvania and had 9 children.
  1. Christian Kagy b. 9-14-1771 in Pennsylvania migrated with parents to Shenandoah Co, VA around 1781.  Married Mary Bibler in Shenandoah Co, VA around 1796.  To this union were born 10 children
    1. Lewis B b. 1-15-1798 in Shenandoah Co, VA d. 5-12-1872 in IL m. 10-9-1823 Francinah Ashbrook b. 1-3-1804 d. 4-27-1897.  Born to them were 7 children
      1. Abigail A b. 9-6-1824 d. 10-5-1825
      2. Aaron A. b. 4-2-1826
      3. Mary Walters b. 5-11-1828
      4. Tunis A. b. 4-23-1830 drowned July 3, 1853
      5. Laura Catharine b. 3-19-1832
      6. John M. b. 4-8-1834
      7. Rebecca b. 3-4-1836 
    2. Frances Kagy Bretz b. 7-20-1800 in Rockingham Co, VA d. 1-2-1885 m 5-19-1822 David Bretz b. 7-24-1798 in Lancaster Co, PA d. 10-28-1876.  Born to them were 10 children
      1. Lewis K b. 5-4-1823
      2. Abraham K b. 12-12-1824
      3. Elizabeth b. 10-7-1826
      4. Samuel b. 9-13-1828
      5. Valentine 9-5-1830
      6. Mary b. 9-9-1832
      7. Barbara b. 9-12-1834
      8. Christena b. 9-8-1836
      9. Frances b. 4-3-1838 
      10. George W b. 7-4-1840
    3. Abraham Bibler Kagay b. 9-17-1802 d. 2-15-1877 in Effingham, IL m. 8-11-1826 Sarah Hall b. 5-25-1803  To this union were born 10 children
      1. Daniel Hall b. 5-16-1827 in Pleasant Twp, Fairfield Co, OH d. 2-9-1864 in New Albany, IN while in the service as 1st Lient., Co. K, 35th Ill Volunteers m. 8-17-1848 Martha J. Lechrone.  To this union were born 4 children
        1. John F.  b. 7-15-1819
        2. Joseph M.  b. 12-4-1850
        3. A. B.  b. 4-7-1855
        4. Sarah  b. 10-17-1858
      2. May Jane  b. 1-21-1829  d. 10-22-1842
      3. Benjamin F.  b. 2-17-1831 in Pleasant Twp, Fairfield Co, OH m. 2-6-1853 Martha J. Starnes.  To this union were born 5 children
        1. Sarah A.   d. in infancy
        2. Laura K. b. 1856
        3. Benjamin F.  b. 10-4-1862
        4. Clara d. in childhood 
        5. Mattie K. b. 2-16-1865
      4. Rebecca b. 9-23-1832 d. 12-19-1852 m. in 1850 D. P. Murphy.  To this union was born 1 child
        1. Sarah b. 7-10-1852
      5. John Lewis
      6. Newton
      7. Sarah
      8. Emeline Elizabeth b. 8-28-1840  m. 5-6-1858 Wm. C. Lectone at Ewington, IL  To this union were born 4 children
        1. Emma E. 
        2. Anna L
        3. Sarah
        4. John W.  
      9. Emily E.  (twin sister to Emeline) b.8-20-1840  m. 1-24-1867 John F. Thompson.  To this union were born 5 children
        1. William
        2. May
        3. Charles
        4. Arthur
        5. Iva Irene
      10. Martha Jane 
    4. Barbara Kagy b. 1796 in VA  d. 10-4-1860 in Seneca Co, OH m. around 1820 John Bretz b. 7-6-1796 in PA d. 3-8-1873 in MI about 1820.  To this union were born 11 children
      1. Christian b. 9-12-1821 d. 4-21-1867 m. 12-12-1852 Anna F. Jenks b. 12-24-1824 d. 8-24-1892.  Sgt. Christian Bretz was a soldier in the war with Mexico.   
      2. Mary b. 5-29-1823 in OH  d. 7-13-1890 in MI m. 11-7-1844 George N. Meyers b. 6-27-1822 in PA d. 12-29-1872 in MI
      3. Isaac b. 2-10-1826 d. 12-9-1883 m. 11-7-1850 Eliza Bare.  Civil War veteran, Grand Army of the Republic.  6th Pennsylvania infantry, Co. I  Enlisted 15 Sept 1862.
      4. Luvina b. 8-13-1827 d. 6-14-1872 m. 11-29-1847 Noah Huddle b. 11-18-1825 d. 7-26-1863.  To this union were born 2 children
        1. Abraham b. 4-8-1849
        2. Martin R. b. 6-15-1856
      5. Elizabeth b. 9-21-1829 in OH d. 7-3-1863 in OH m. 4-5-1853 Robert Martin b. 3-29-1828 d. 2-7-1867
      6. Frances b. 4-24-1831 d. 5-22-1866 m. Weaver 
      7. Rebecca b. 7-27-1833 d. 10-12-1860  unmarried
      8. Rachel b. 10-19-1835 d. 10-13-1864 m. 3-30-1855 Absalom Martin
      9. Simon Peter b. 8-8-1837 d. 5-15-1863 m. 2-5-1861 Ordelia M. Somers.  He was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion, on the Union side.
      10. John L b.8-13-1840 d. 7-13-1862.  unmarried.  In the US Army
      11. Jesse K b. 8-13-1840 d. 8-26-1840 twin to John L.   
    5. Elizabeth Kagy b. 12-28-1807 d. 9-19-1868 m. 3-18-1828 John Hall b. 1-25-1801 in Rockingham Co, VA d. 12-31-1887.  To this union there were born 10 children
      1. Mary b, 12-22-1828 m, 10-28-1848 Cyrus Hulet
      2. Rebecca b. 3-20-1831 m. 11-17-1857 James Burk
      3. Daniel b 2-22-1833 m. 8-7-1864 Lydia Crossley
      4. Sarah b 7-30-1835 m. 8-20-1857 Agasiah Felfond
      5. Christian b. 11-7-1837 d. 11-5-1844
      6. Eliza b 1-28-1840 m. 1-20-1861 George W. McCartney
      7. Elizabeth b 5-3-1842 d. 9-19-1868 m. 10-14-1861 John F. Norris.  To this union were born 7 children
        1. Allen L
        2. Laura S.
        3. Addie R.
        4. Della C. (Ella E.)
        5. Clara A.
        6. Annie B.
        7. Ralph J.
      8. John b, 7-2-1844 m. 12-9-1866 Call Creager 
      9. James b. 7-2-1844 d. 7-2-1844 twin of John
      10. Lucinda b. 11-26-1846 m. 1-25-1870 Leonidas Duffy.  To this union were born 2 children 
        1. Emma Estelle
        2. Clara Ethel
    6. Rebecca
    7. Christian
    8. Samuel
    9. Susan
    10. John    b. 12-14-1810 d. 12-23-1810
  2. Rudolph Kagy b. 11-5-1773 in Pennsylvania migrated with parents to Shenandoah Co, VA around 1781.  d. 8-5-1820 in Fairfield Co, OH.  Married in 1796 Hannah Siple b. 9-20-1780 d. 11-21-1871.  Rudolph went from Rockingham Co, VA to Fairfield Co, OH in 1819.  They had 12 children
    1. John b. 1-17-1797 in the Shenandoah Valley, VA d. 3-9-1885 in Iuka, IL m 12-3-1820 Catharine Hite b. 7-25-1801 d. 2-21-1886
      1. Andrew b. 9-14-1821
        1. Elizabeth
        2. Ella Jane b. 6-6-1855
          1. Andrew Woods
          2. Flora Woods
          3. Belle Woods
        3. Franklin Pierce b. 5-24-1857
        4. Matilda b. 10-6-1858
        5. Fanny C. b. 7-3-1860
        6. Flora L. b. 6-2-1862
        7. Robert Martin b.4-25-1865
        8. Delmontero b. 6-8-1866 in Iowa
        9. Caroline b. 8-2-1869 d. 11-1-1890
        10. Roscoe b. 9-15-1871
      2. Hannah b. 8-26-1823
        1. Sarah
        2. Catharine
        3. Lucinda
        4. Walter
      3. Rudolph b. 5-13-1826
        1. Andrew Jackson
        2. Narcissus
        3. Freeman
        4. Frank
      4. Isaac b. 2-2-1828
        1. Samuel Thompson
        2. Mary Catharine
        3. Hannah Sabina
      5. John Benjamin b. 1-9-1830 in Seneca Co, OH
      6. David b. 5-23-1832 in Seneca Co, OH d. 2-8-1887 in Marion Co, IL m. 12=31=1854 Sarah R. Miley b. 6-4-1835  Born to them were 2 children
        1. Levi M
        2. Alice Amanda
      7. Rachel b. 5-3-1834 m. 11-9-1854 Benjamin Huddle  Born to them were 9 children
        1. Freeman E.
        2. John
        3. Tolafer
        4. Annie
        5. Jane
        6. Narcissus
        7. Cora
        8. Mira
        9. Maud 
      8. Catharine b. 1-25-1837 d. 3-19-1885 m. 11-22-1855 Hiram J. Cummins b. 2-22-1830 in VA d. 5-28-1886  Born to them were 10 children
        1. John B
        2. Annie E
        3. Rachel M
        4. Nancy L
        5. Isaac K
        6. Frank Lee
        7. Orris O
        8. DeWitt Clinton
        9. Elmer R
        10. Elizabeth C
      9. Levi D b. 10-29-1838 in Seneca Co, OH m. 10-29-1868 Frances Ann Lambertson b. 11-26-1842  Born to them were 4 children
        1. Jessie Lambertson
        2. Nannie S
        3. Edna Hite
        4. John Edson 
      10. Amos H. b. 1-16-1841 m 11-21-1865 Hattie Weirick d. 11-17-1878  born to them was 1 child.  Amos m. 7/1881 Bettie Offutt Winsor and to them were born 2 children
        1. Gracie Jessie Weirick 
        2. Amos Hite
        3. Marcus Offutt 
    2. Jacob b. about 1799 in Shenandoah Co, VA;  moved with his family to Fairfield Co, OH in 1819.  He died there unmarried
    3. Christian b 8-10-1801 in Shenandoah Co, VA d. 1-22-1852 in Marion Co, IL m 3-21-1824 Anna Hite b. 2-25-1806 in Pleasant Twp, Fairfield Co, OH d. 5-7-1889 in Marion Co, IL  Born to them were 12 children
      1. Elizabeth b. 11-19-1826
      2. Nancy J. b. 1828 d. 1832
      3. John Hite b. 10-15-1830
      4. Lewis Hite b. 10-21-1833
      5. Barbara B. b. 7-18-1835
      6. Hannah b. 5-24-1838
      7. Margaret S. b. 2-27-1839
      8. William Baker b. 10-22-1841
      9. Wilson Shannon b. 5-26-1844
      10. Dorothy R. b. 10-5-1846
      11. Frances M. b.
      12. Edgar C. b.
    4. Abraham b. 12-23-1803 in Shenandoah Co, VA d. 12-2-1887 in Seneca Co, OH married 12-27-1823 Elizabeth Barbara Ruch b. 9-28-1806 d. 8-9-1863 in Seneca Co, OH.  To this union were born 15 children.  Abraham also married  Anna Fisher Fauber (widow) in 1864 d. 8-22-1874.  They had no children.  Abraham Kagy was an Old School Baptist.
      1. Hannah b. 12-4-1824 in Seneca Co, OH d. 5-31-1901 in Seneca Co, OH married 2-6-1845 Daniel Spitler b. 10-1-1819 d. 9-2-1897 
      2. Christian b. 5-4-1826 d. 7-29-1829
      3. John b. 7-7-1827 in Seneca Co, OH d. 4-27-1910 Seneca Co, OH
      4. Mary b. 12-1-1828 d. 6-30-1829 
      5. Barbara b. 2-19-1830  d. 2-24-1907  married Robert M.C. Martin d. 4-4-1879 
      6. Lavina (Lovina) b. 4-24-1831 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH d. 11-7-1914 married 9-28-1852 Edward Saul.  To this union were born 10 children
        1. Robert Martin Saul b. 6-13-1853 in Seneca Co, OH d. 1-25-1941 in Likens Twp, Crawford Co, OH  married 1-5-1882 Margaret Ann Hite b. 7-26-1855 in Fairfield Co, OH d. 8-24-1905 in Likens Twp, Crawford Co, OH.  To this union were born 5 children
          1. Ambrose S
          2. Eliza Jane
          3. Rebecca Mae
          4. Emily Lovina
          5. Baby boy stillborn   
        2. John Kagy Saul b. 6-13-1855 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH d. 8-16-1936 in Liberty Twp, Howard Co, IN married 9-2-1888 Susannah Smiley b. 8-10-1862 in Boone Co, IN d. 5-4-1911 in Liberty Twp, Howard Co, IN.  To this union were born 2 children
          1. John Amos b. 2-13-1890 in Plevna, Howard Co, IN d. 1-30-1981in DeLand, FL  married 5-31-1916 Edna Otle Stillwell b. 1896 d. 7-3-1969  To this union were born 2 children
            1. Martha Swyndolyn Saul Sugar
            2. Marie Ellen Saul Wright
          2. May Saul
        3. Lewis K b. 8-14-1857 d. 1895 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH 
        4. Isabelle M b. 11-3-1858 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH d. 3-13-1912 at State Hospital  Toledo, OH
        5. Stephen Arnold Saul b. 11-6-1860 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH d. 4-4-1937 in Likens Twp, Crawford Co, OH married 10-8-1883 Martha Suzanne Weisenauer b. 4-30-1863 d. 6-8-1940.  To this union were born 10 children
        6. Mattie E
        7. Maria (Mariah) Theresa Saul b. 3-23-1864 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH d. 2-9-1947 in Liberty Twp, Howard Co, IN m. 2-13-1881 Jake (Henry Jacob) Weisenauer b. 8-8-1858 in Likens Twp, Crawford Co, OH d. 8-26-1927 in Liberty Twp, Howard Co, IN.  To this union were born 3 children
          1. Ed (John Edward) Weisenauer
          2. Otto Glen Weisenauer
          3. Della Marie Weisenauer
        8. Eliza Jane Saul b. 9-19-1866 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH d. 9-3-1927 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH  married 3-31-1887 Jacob John Broade 
        9. Hannah Luella Saul b. 4-26-1869 in Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH d. 12-12-1943 in Liberty Twp, Howard Co, IN married 9-20-1887 William Henry Smeltzer
        10. George E Saul b. 2-7-1872
      7. Eliza S 'Martha' Hershberger b. 8-10-1832 in Bloomville, Seneca Co, OH d. 10-17-1922 in Bloomville, Seneca Co, OH m 2-18-1857 Samuel G. Hershberger b. 1834  d. 2-26-1889.  To this union were born 6 children
        1. Mary Ellen
        2. Florence Armitoa
        3. Martha Caroline
        4. Barbara Alice
        5. Anna Bell Groves
        6. John V Hershberger b. 5-21-1871 in Warsaw, IN d. 3-18-1950 in Toledo, OH. married 9-20-1890 Alice Banack.
      8. George Kagy (Kagay) b. 4-23-1834 d. 2-28-1863 married Mahala Einsel.  To this union were born 3 children
        1. Clement Kagay
        2. Marcene Kagy
        3. Jennie
      9. Lewis Kagy b. 12-18-1835 married 12-3-1857 Mary Owen.  To this union were born 10 children
        1. Nettie
        2. Dora
        3. Jennie
        4. Earl L.
        5. Cortha
        6. Bertha
        7. Rubia
        8. died in infancy - no name
        9. died in infancy - no name
        10. died in infancy - no name
      10. Martha b. 5-21-1838 d. 2-11-1844
      11. Benjamin b. 8-30-1840 in Bloomville, OH d. 8-21-1892 in Gilboa, OH married Barbara Miller b. 1848 d. 1937.  To this union were born 3 (5) children
        1. Stephen A
        2. Henry 
        3. Nettie May
      12. Elijah b. 7-20-1842
      13. Stephen b. 12-2-1844
      14. Leander b. 2-27-1847
      15. Isabelle b. 4-25-1852
    5. Catharine
    6. Barbara
    7. Hannah
    8. Elizabeth
    9. Mary
    10. Rudolph Kaga b 2-18-1818 in VA d. 12-8-1866 m. 12-16-1838 Anna (Ann) Seitz b.  d. 4-27-1868.  To this union were born 10 children
      1. Abraham
      2. John W.
      3. Martin V
      4. Noah
      5. Bloom 
      6. Martha S.
      7. Daniel S.
      8. Laura A
      9. Emma J
      10. Clinton 
        1. Lillie Maria
        2. Clara Louisa
        3. Harry
        4. Rudolph
        5. Gertrude 
    11. Henry b. 3-10-1821 in Fairfield Co, OH m. 4-3-1842 Phoebe Miller b. 11-17-1825 d. 6-4-1849.  They had 3 children.  married 5-24-1851 Lucinda Trowbridge b. 3-17-1825.  They had 8 children
    12. Martin b. 8-20-1825 in Fairfield Co, OH d. 8-24-1898 m. 3-28-1850 Christena Walters b. 3-3-1826 d. 2-9-1898
  3. Jacob Kagy b. 11-3-1776 in Shenandoah Co, VA d. 10-23-1869 in Fairfield Co, OH m. 4/1810 Rebecca Bibler b. 3-27-1790 in VA d. 1-3-1871.  to this union were born 5 children
  4. Anna Kagy Raiser m. _________Raiser   moved to TN - no other information known
  5. Barbara Kagy Zirkle b. 10-15-1779 in New Market, Shenandoah Co, VA d. 3-8-1863 in New Market, Shenandoah Co, VA m. 3-29-1803 George Zirkle b. 1780 in New Market, Shenandoah Co, VA d. 6-9-1857 in New Market, Shenandoah Co, VA
    1. Sarah Zirkle Moffett (1820 - 1910) 
  6. Elizabeth Kagy Wine m. Daniel Wine - no other information known
  7. Mary Kagy Wine m. Samuel Wine - no other information known
  8. Catharine Kagy Good b. 12-26-1793 d. 4-4-1873 m. Samuel Good b. 4-15-1794 d. 3-30-1865
    1. Joseph Good (1819 - 1862)
  9. Son died in gun accident - no other information known.

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