Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

In looking through some of the old pictures that I have, I started thinking about all the ladies that
make me who I am.  There are some that I will never have pictures of, but I do have pictures of quite a few.

This collage includes me (baby) with my mother, Rebecca Joan Smith Beheler and all the grandmothers listed.  Top row includes from left to right:  Samantha, Edna May and Mattie.  Middle row includes Mary, Lovina and Mariah.  Bottom row includes Bertha and Cliffie.  

Mother                                                    Rebecca Joan Smith
Maternal Grandmother                             Cliffie Weisenauer Shockney
Paternal Grandmother                               Edna May Eades Beheler
Great Grandmother                                       Bertha Northcutt Weisenauer
Great Grandmother                                       Mattie Hancock Beheler
Great Great-Grandmother                                Samantha Smiley Northcutt
Great Great-Grandmother                                 Mariah Saul Weisenauer
Great, Great, Great-Grandmother                        Lovina Kagy Saul
Great, Great, Great-Grandmother                        Mary Gwinner Weisenauer

Happy Mother's Day to all these beautiful ladies
 and thank you

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