Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bertha Northcutt Weisenauer Memory Record

The Old Family Letters

Many moons ago before the internet, cell phones and no long distance charges, people would write letters to each other to keep in touch.  There are several large totes full of  letters and notes between members of our family – our grandmother, great-grandfather, great aunts and uncles and our mother.  Even found some letters from me to my grandmother and mother.  There are some surprises, too including letters from relatives in Ohio that we may not have recognized if it weren’t for all the old family pictures that our grandmother and mother had saved.

One of the most precious booklet we found was the Memorial Record of Bertha Northcutt Weisenauer, our great-grandmother.  She had died in 1938 so my brother, sister and I never knew her.  Here is a picture of our great-grandfather and great-grandmother, I believe is their wedding picture around the year, 1900.

Bertha Northcutt Weisenauer was born on August 30, 1884 in Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana and died on March 6, 1938 in Greentown (Plevna), Howard County, Indiana at home.  Included in the Memorial Record booklet are the newspaper obituaries of her death.
Our great-grandparents, Ed and Bertha Weisenauer, had been married for almost 38 years and had five children including our grandmother.  There are many saved letters between the five children, their dad and my mother to read – a lifetime of memories.

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