Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Barker House in Edenton, North Carolina

Leaving Nags Head, NC on Sunday, we headed west to Edenton, NC which is just a little over an hour's drive.  We took US-64 / NC-94 to NC-32 / NC-37, the scenic route.  After checking out the Roanoke River Lighthouse, we walked over to The Barker House before heading to the 'Nothin Fancy Cafe & Market' restaurant - southern cooking at its best.

The Barker House was a cozy white frame house with porches furnished with white wooden rockers off the first and second floors overlooking Edenton Bay.  I'm going to admit at this point that I do get confused over when one body of water ends and another one begins so I am attaching a map of the area from Nags Head to Edenton.

The Barker House was built in 1782 by Thomas & Penelope Barker.  After hearing of the Boston Tea Party, Penelope Barker, along with 50 women held their own Edenton Tea Party and all signed a petition promising to boycott British goods on October 25, 1774.  This was one of the first acts of political involvement of women in the New World.  The petition was published by a London newspaper along with a political cartoon supporting the colonists in which women are pouring tea out of the tea caddies while the British tax men stand in the doorway.  Titled "The Patriotic Ladies of Edenton," the original is in the British Museum.  An enlargement hangs in the Barker House.  

"Taking Tea" is very important at the Barker House and is served on the third Wednesday of every month.  Party sandwiches, breads and cakes, sweet treats and other appetizers are provided by the ladies of Edenton.  I had to buy the cookbook with some of these fabulous old family recipes used for tea time.  The recipes were compiled by the ladies of the Edenton Historical Commission. 

While the house has three floors, it is quite small, but is actually larger than the initial home built in 1782.  You can walk around at your own pace, but was not able to go to the 3rd floor. There were several volunteers offering tidbits of information on the history of the home, family and town.  Genuine friendly southern charm.  I love to listen to older ladies speaking with a beautiful southern accent.

The Barker House does have a facebook page if you would like to check Edenton out The Barker House Facebook Page 

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